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Artist + Author + Priestess + Invoking Magic, Expansion, Beauty, Peace & Light

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Daria Tavoularis (she/her) is an ordained priestess and award-winning artist who has been a student of art and the spiritual mysteries for over twenty years. Her deep immersion into the magic of life began with the spontaneous activation of her Kundalini and the personal crisis that followed. When the ground beneath her fell away, she found that she was held by a loving force which carried her through the cycles of destruction, incubation and rebirth with fierce and unconditional tenderness. Daria’s mission is to help others meet this force and allow themselves to be moved by it. She makes picture books and oracle decks for adults and children, and works as a healer and midwife of change. All of her offerings are in service to your spiritual empowerment.


Make the most of these potent times we are living in with a Transference Healing®. It will help you overcome physical illness, expand your mind’s perception, purify your emotions and elevate your spirit.

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“I gain so much peace, clarity and inspiration when I'm working with Daria. Her light is such a gift to me.”

Kristen S.

We honor and acknowledge the original guardians of the land that supports us, as well as the ancestors, wisdom keepers and spirit guides who light our path. We express gratitude for Daria’s beloved teacher Alexis Cartwright, the founder and anchor of Transference Healing®.

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