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Group or Family Healing

Co-create a more peaceful, empowering and unconditional group culture.

  • 2 hr
  • $145 per person
  • Zoom - audio

Service Description

A Group or Family Transference Healing® will support you to dissolve powers plays in order to achieve and maintain balance and harmony within your group. It will help you to clear karma and past life wounding as well as ancestral patterns so that you can step out of struggle and create a new dynamic within your group that honors the diversity and individuality of all of its members. Transference Healing® will help you co-create a more peaceful, empowering and unconditional group culture. A Group or Family Transference Healing® lasts around 2 hours. Our Zoom session will be audio only. Most communication will occur at the end of the session, which you will have the option to record. We will mail you a record sheet and a divined crystal essence tincture for each member of your group to support you during a 2-3 week integration period. You may choose to set up a sanctuary space for yourself to receive your healing by lighting a candle, playing meditation music, and cleansing your space with smudge or essence sprays. It is perfectly fine to fall asleep. This is a lovely way to receive healing energy, though the healing will be just as effective whether you are ‘tuning in' or busy doing daily things. It is not necessary for all members of your group to be present. After booking your session you will receive a payment request based on the number of individuals in your Group Healing. Payment is required at least 48 prior to your scheduled appointment.

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