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Clairvoyant Reading

Remember Your Spiritual Nature. Connect to Your Higher Purpose.

  • 30 min
  • 122 US dollars
  • Zoom - audio

Service Description

A Clairvoyant Reading is first and foremost an acknowledgement and validation of your spiritual nature, beyond the limits of your personality, belief systems and conditioning. In this way a Reading opens up space for you to access a larger perspective, and see possibilities and options that you may not have seen before. It can reveal where you block or resist the flow of life and disentangle you from the expectations of others. Communication about your akashic records and past lives can help you move out of karmic patterns. Communication from your spirit guides can help you to feel the unconditional support that surrounds you. My intention is to connect you to your higher self, inner wisdom and certainty. The purpose of a reading is not to receive predictions or advice, but to be seen in a way that gives you the space to feel into your next step and greater purpose. It should give you a sense of clarity and peace. For your Reading, our Zoom meeting will be audio only. Please log in from a quiet space with a good WiFi connection, where you won’t be interrupted. Hold the intention to receive what is needed for your highest good. You may light a candle and settle into a comfortable seated position. You may ask questions at any time during your Reading, and you will have the option to record the audio session.

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